Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It is Spring in Arizona!

By the end of this week we will be seeing temperatures in the high 80's with a possibility of reaching 90 on a record breaking date.  The earliest recorded 90 degree date is February the 24th and the temperatures should now be averaging in the 70's.  In keeping with the spirt of Spring, I stole a picture from Bobby Siow!

                                                 Thank You Bobby!  What a great picture!

Shirley Temple, THE child star of my generation.  What wonderful movies were created staring her.What a darling ...she will be missed!

We decided to stay home this morning and not go to Starbucks.  Our appointment with Shelly is not until 12:45 so we have some time to mess around.

I guess I have stopped loosing weight.  I went up a pound in the last few days.  I am getting really antsy and am finding it hard to sit still.  Need to get moving although I am not sure where to move....Kansas City, San Diego, New York, Boise  or even Atlanta...decisions, decisions!

Well, I guess I will go and get dressed so that I can work on this moving task!  lol!
Was not too perky today.  Went and had our toes done and enjoyed visiting with Shelly.....she is so sweet!

   I have to see what is going on.....I am addicted!  Order me eggs!

Just bring me the eggs....I need protein!

This is where all the old farts go for breakfast, lunch and dinner....they all look so old!

                                                Today's specials at the Hole in 1!

Leaving for Yuma tomorrow about noon!


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