Sunday, February 23, 2014

Here we are....back sewing!

We got home from San Diego yesterday.  We enjoyed having access to everything and the only thing on our list that we did not do was to go to the zoo!
On our way home we stopped in Yuma and had dinner with Judy and Olias.  It was a very good dinner and it hit the spot!

Little Peanut, my adopted dog, just had a bath and a trim so he was rather timid!

Olias made us tasty smoked chicken breasts.  We also had potatoes and a delicious salad!

Judy is a good cook too...she made us Red Lobster biscuits!  They were very good!

Today we started the day by meeting the kids, grown kids, at IHOP for breakfast!  We had a nice visit, getting caught up on what they have been doing.  It is only 3 weeks until they go to Australia for the opening game of the Diamondbacks.  Kotie, the dog, will be staying with us!

Mark is trying to look Presidential....not working!

Josh told us all about his job and his annual review...he got a good one and he got a raise!

Tami has to go to guard next Friday...she was very happy with the watch Vicki gave her!

Rosine wanted to know why she needed to have her picture taken....we told her because Susie and Shelley want to see how you are doing!

                            Vicki is busy counting out our pills for the next 2 weeks!

             Okay, today is the day I start sewing...a pillowcase for Rosine and then back to the Quilts!

Here it is and tomorrow I will get busy and finish the quilt for Hillary!


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