Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hump day! 2 days and we go home!

I did not write the blog yesterday.  We did our usual followed by a tour around IKEA and then lunch at IHOP.  It was fun looking at all the stuff at Ikea but did not find anything that I had to have right now!  Jerry came up for cocktails and that rounded out the day.

                                                                The temperature took a dip!

Today we met Mary Lou at Starbucks and had our little morning chit chat.  Vicki and I then went up to Rosies Quilt shop and I bought material for Todd's throw.  By the time I get it done he will have to wait until next winter to use it!  After the quilt shop we drove out to the beach and had lunch at World Famous.  It was quite nice and the sun was trying hard to come out!


I do think that Vicki is addicted to her phone and the World's latest news!  Here we are at the beach for lunch!
Vicki had crab cake sliders and I had half of a hamburger, my first since my surgery!

                                I am waiting for a hamburger…..hope it is good!

Beautiful Day!

The lunch was okay…...

                                   But I would have rather had this…..

The water is too cold….you can tell it is winter!  lol!


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