Thursday, February 6, 2014

Need to get busy!

Okay, today we had breakfast at home and then I went for my doctor's appointment.  He is a very nice surgeon and I don't have to go back and see him again.  He said I can go back to Curves, eat a regular diet  and can go to San Diego next week.  So, as it stands now, we will leave on Wednesday after my doctor's appointment and will go to Yuma and spend the night before going on to San Diego on Thursday.  This should really get me back in the groove!

Today I sorted through the tee shirts that I have been collecting for our travel quilt.  I do have a lot but missed South America and the Panama Canal and Canada and New England.  Guess we will just have to go back!


Vicki went over to see Rosine today and she is doing fine....she just needs something to be obsessed with....does that sound familiar?  she asked me!

Tomorrow will be a new adventure and I should have more to report!



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