Monday, February 17, 2014

Found the Purse!

Today we were expecting a foggy morning and much to our surprise the sun was brightly shining.The  temperature and the bright sun did not connect in my mind as I was cold and needed a jacket!  I think since we were 3 miles from the ocean and the fog that the wind was cold!
              After having breakfast at Starbucks we headed down the road to the mall to find a purse for Vicki!

         And here is the purse…it is really pretty and I got the little one just like it and Vicki got a polka dot little one too!

           Just sat down for a minute…it will soon be time to meet Mary Lou for lunch.  We are meeting her at Oggie's!

                      Evidently Oliver did not like his Spa Day!

Had cocktails with Jerry and that was it for the day!


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