Sunday, February 9, 2014

February is flying!

We started the day by going to Starbucks at 99th.  I had a protein drink and took one of my pumpkin fat free muffins to accompany the drink.  It was beautiful out and there is a pretty tree blooming in front of Starbucks!

I am still not back to normal but we are getting there.  The surgeon says it will take four to six weeks to get back to normal!

Vicki has been a good trooper and has taken good care of me.....she will be very glad when everything is back to normal!

Today I made muffins and Mark and Tami came by and picked oranges.  It was nice to see them and we sent Tami home with some muffins to take to work this week!

My weight is down a little more....-14 pounds.  Why don't I feel 14 pounds lighter?

Went to see Rosine today and took her box of See's candy that Jerry gave her.  She was in a good mood and enjoyed reminiscing about her life.  We were quite confused when she referred to a 70 year old woman as "old".  Somehow she does not fit into that category!


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