Monday, February 10, 2014

Let's call it a 7, headed for a 10!

We are just chugging along.  Went to get the oil changed and the car washed while we had our breakfast at Dunk-in Donuts.  I was a little worried about putting that donut into my body but I decided maybe it would be all right if I mixed it with my protein drink.  I guess it worked okay!

Should I....or should I not.....yes is the winner!
The decision  was not a problem for Miss Vicki!  Her gall bladder has been gone for many years!

Rosine  has no gall bladder either but she does not eat donuts....maybe that is why she is a 100 years old!  lol!

Tomorrow is another busy day.  We are going to get our toenails done and throw a few things into a suitcase to take off to San Diego on Wednesday after my doctors appointment!  We will spend the night in Yuma and arrive in San Diego on Thursday!


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