Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Vicki!

69 years ago today , in a log cabin, somewhere in the mountains of Colorado, a baby was born…it was not Vicki !  Vicki and her little 3 pound body were born in a hospital in PuebloColorado.  My has she changed in those 69 years!  Happy Birthday Vicki!

Of course, we met Mary Lou at Starbucks.  It was nice to celebrate Vicki's birthday with her.  Tonight we will be going to dinner with Jerry!  Tomorrow we will go to the outlets and I will buy Vicki a purse for her birthday!
Happy B irthday to me!  I can't believe that I am 69 years old!

You are the baby of the group!  We are all wishing that we were 69 right along with you!

I can also remember when we all weighed 130 and thought we were fat!

There is no way we can be OLD like those old farts in Sun City West…it is all a big mistake!

The end to a nice Birthday for Vicki!
                     Tomorrow we will shop!


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