Friday, February 28, 2014

Let's have Mexican Food!

Today  we went to Starbucks at 99th street.  After coffee we went next door to the medical supply store and looked at recliner chairs......the kind you can sleep in and then it will lift you to a standing position!
                          This chair feels pretty good but I think we should check on some other brands!

This is not as comfortable as I thought it would be....let's look around!
Now I must tell you about our adventure yesterday.  We went into Kyles Shoe store.  Vicki went in ahead of me and was in the back of the store when I got there...I could hear her talking to the nice 85 year old man as I walked into the store.  Then I heard this conversation,  Your hair is so pretty, he needs to be cut, she, don't cut it, it is beautiful he said....don't you cut your hair...if you do, I want the curls...on March 10th when we get our hair cut I will take a plastic bag and collect the curls for him!  I can't help but wonder what he will do with them!  lol!

Tonight we went out to dinner with the girls.  Mexican food , of course.

   The girls......Bev, Betty, me, Vicki, and Mary on the top picture and Rita in the bottom picture!

                Bev is a retired nurse and Betty is a retired Realtor.

In this picture we added Mary and I don't know what happened to the picture with Rita in it.

Rita is a celebrity, she is on the Surprise TV station and is a computer wiz and does wonderful things with photos.Mary is a numbers person ...income taxes , poker wiz.  This is a fun little group.  Rita and Mary have 5,231  friends and are very busy people!

Rita took a video at dinner but I could not get it uploaded.



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