Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Another adventure!

Today we had to be out of the house early as the cleaning lady came.  So, at 8:00 we were out the door and headed for Starbucks.  There were not many people there as we were really early!

Surprise, surprise, next we went to Curves and made an appearance....also we worked out.

Next on our list was to go to Joann's to look at some more flannel for Todd's quilt.  I did find one more pattern and it was on sale for under $3 per yard.  Had I known it was so cheap I would have bought more.

Next, we went out to Mark and Tami's area where we think we might someday move.  Of course, we would not tell Rosine as she does not need to know.  These are apartments and it would allow us to be close to our nurses, Mark and Tami.  As I said yesterday...Rosine is shooting for 115 and although she may make it we may not make it!  lol!  Who knows when we would do this but it also has nothing to do with the condo in San Diego!


The grounds are very   nice and the apartment has 3 bedrooms, a lake view and maybe a fireplace!

So, at least we know where we want to go when we get ready to sell this place.

We do have fun adventures and one never knows what we will be into at any given time!


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