Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A memory!

Today Vicki and I were watching an International House Hunters which took place in Rome.  The show made me think about our trip to Europe in 2012.  I started thinking about my visit into Rome....Vicki was not able to go as she was still sick on the ship.  As we wandered around the city that day.....we went to all of the tourist spots.

 I really did not have any desire to fight the tourist and stand in long lines....I was perfectly happy to take a picture and move right along.

I saw the Spanish stairs but did not wish to climb them.....

  Trevi Fountain....what ever that is !  lol!  I is 3 coins in the fountain!

Yes, we did throw 3 coins in the fountain and one of Jerry's wishes came true!

But.....this is the picture that came to was raining cats and dogs...all of a sudden all the umbrellas popped up....this picture does not have the full amount of umbrellas....what a sight to see....all the rain and hundreds of brightly colored umbrellas filled the square.  This was the best part of seeing Rome for a girl who never sees rain and certainly does not have the opportunity to see a square full of brightly colored umbrellas!  Like I does not take much to make me happy!


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