Friday, March 21, 2014

Adventures with Kodi, day4

Looks like the family is having fun in Sydney!
Aaron is taking some really nice pictures in Sydney

                                                   Great Cityscape!

Last night we had an interesting adventure with Kodi.  Did I mention that he is a little bit "high maintenance?  Well, I was sitting in
my chair trying to figure out another shawl pattern.  Kodie stood staring at me.....after a few minutes he became very rigid, his ears flatten out and his tail went between his legs.  I finished the row I was on...I called Vicki over....Kodi has been standing here for at least 10 minutes....he looks like he is scared to death....he is so stiff that I think he has to poop and is probably constipated.....we pushed, probed and finally I got up....Kodi started crying and lunged for the guessed it....I was sitting on his ball!  lol!

We went to Starbucks this morning and when we got back Kodi got really, I opened the door to the front patio...he went charging out the door and knocked the screen off its hinges!  Okay, we were not going to put it back on for now but remembered that we need to be able to close it when we are having a treat that Kodi is not having any .

It seems when we take him for a walk to do his business that we are having to pick up a lot of gravel rocks....Mark and Tami just may have to rent a truck and buy a yard of gravel to replace all that we are picking up.  None of the houses will have in any gravel left in their front yards by the time they get back!  lol!

We just got bcd from taking Kodi for a walk.  It is beautiful out

Thank You Rita for the beautiful picture os last nights sunset!


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