Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's green beer!


I would like to believe that it is because we are old that we did not do anything for St. Patrick's Day.....but I know it is not the reason why....we were not any fun 20 years ago , so why start now? lol!
Some people would just say that we are boring.....and there are days when we are.  I wonder if going out for St. Patrick's Day is something we should put on our bucket list?

Today Vicki had to go to her eye appointment....I stayed home, watched the View and crocheted on my little shawl!  Yesterday I finished up the 2 quilts left over from the contest! In a couple of days Vicki will get her sewing machine working and she will do her stitch in a ditch.  Mary Lou's quilt is patiently waiting to be put together too!

                                                   Lou's quilt!

                                              Hillary's quilt!

Tomorrow morning Kodie my grand dog arrives to stay with us.  He will be here for 1 week and we will eat a lot of carrots!  The family leaves tomorrow afternoon for Australia and they are all excited!

Vicki went to see Rosine this morning after her eye appointment....oops!  Maybe she actually could not see Rosine....hope it was her mother's room she was in....her eyes were dilated and who knows where she really was.  Vicki will be having some laser treatment on her eyes in the next few weeks.  If the  calendar had a red cross by every doctor's appointment or procedure it would be overwhelming


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