Saturday, March 8, 2014

Playing catch up!

You know when you are really really old when........a pregnant girl holds the door open for you!  lol!  Yes, it happened to us today....I told her......she cracked up! At AT&T after going in and changing our plan.  Their procedure is to walk you to the door and hold it open for you as you leave!  I just started laughing!

We just did a bunch of running around today but managed to run right by Curves....bad girls!  Now, I wrote this yesterday, we ran right by Curves again today!  I am really not happy......I have lost 13 pounds since my surgery and my stomach is actually bigger than it was before the surgery.  my stomach is the same size it was when I delivered Tami and I am 35 pounds heavier.  Vicki is having some tests done on the 11th and cannot eat any food on Monday.  I may just drink protein drinks all day and see what happens!

Today I   sewed the borders on Lou's quilt.  Tomorrow I will pick up the backing and will sew his and Hillary's so that Vicki can stitch in a ditch and they will be ready to go bye bye!

Today the chairs and the table were delivered.  They are really comfortable!
            The table is really the time we put all of our stuff on the table, you couldn't tell it was a new table!
            Too much light...the chair is really nice.....will have to take a nap in it and see how it does!

Today, we went to see Rosine....I told Rosine  that I had seen the blurb on TV  about the F35S  are being delivered  to Luke AFB on Monday!  She had told us about it yesterday....Vicki looked at her mother and said" How are they getting here?"  Rosine and I just looked at each other and started laughing.."we think they will fly here"  Poor Vicki, it was just one of those blond moments.......the word delivered gave Vicki visions of planes being delivered by land or sea!  lol!

We are on the flight has been very noisy this week with a lot of planes taking off and landing....I think it is going to get worse!


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