Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The week is going slowly!

Today is only Tuesday but it seems like it should be Friday.  We went to Starbucks and then went to the  the Kachina Jewelry store to get a new battery for my talking watch.  The owner of the store was very nice and friendly.  After we left there we went to Lazy Boy and picked out 2 new chairs.
                               "Finally we get to sit in the window"  It takes so little to make us happy!  lol!

                             " Did I hear you say, Bill Clinton?"  sigh

The Lazy Boy store is right over by the hospital where Mark is visiting....so we decided to go and visit him.

  "I just wanted to go home....okay one more day!" We felt so bad for Mark when the doctor told Mark that he could not go home today.  They need to pump him up with fluids so he is staying over night again!

We had better not tell Mark that we came to Chipotle for lunch....it will  make him feel bad....We will get him some tea and peanut M&M's from QT!

After we left Mark and Tami we went to visit Rosine.  Rosine was sitting in her chair rather than her wheel chair and was having a nice little nap.  A poler friend of hers died yesterday and she was surprised to hear about it.  She likes her new room as she is keeping track of how many times per day that the ambulance takes people to the hospital.

Good Night!


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