Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Weekend and Rosine is ready!

Here we are and everyone is getting ready for St. Patrick's Day!  People are having parties, dressing in green , eating and eating corned beef and cabbage.   I do believe there has only been one year that I had a St. Patrick's Day dinner and really have never been out for the celebrating.  No green beer, no Irish music or dancing BUT I do try to remember to wear green!  lol!
Here is a picture of Rosine .....she is ready for anything that comes her way!
Rosine is going to wear her new shirt everyday until the party is over!   She is also wearing a cute green bracelet that has a dangle on it and it lights up!

Today we met our new handyman and he is really nice.  He is coming back on Thursday and going to fix everything on our list.  This will be really nice and now we will have someone to call when we are in a pinch.  Mark and Josh help us when we need it but it will be nice to have someone in reserve.

Well, Mark, Tami, Joshua and Aaron leave on Tuesday and the dog comes to visit us.  It will be different this time as no one will be taking him out to potty at 5:00 in the morning.  I don't like taking him out in the dark because I am afraid that coyote might get me...I mean might get the dog!

Good night!


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