Thursday, March 20, 2014

I think the dog is in charge!

Hello everyone!  Today is day 3 with our grand dog!  Mama Mia!  We had no idea how needy he is.  Tami and Mark brought him over on Tuesday about noon.  After they left I gave him a carrot, which he loves, and he threw it back at, of course, I gave him another one...which he promptly threw back at me.  He did a lot of pacing and we were in hopes that he would get very tired!

Everything will be all can go to your room if we make you nervous!  lol!  Well we found that he will not let us out of his sight....Whereever we are he sits half way between the two of us.  When I am in the shower and Vicki is in the living room....he lays in the hall.  If I am up doing something he is on my heels.  I swear it is just like having my sister Sue here for a visit.  When we had Kodie living here 3 years ago he just stayed in the bedroom until his mom and dad came home from work and the only time he paid attention to me was wen he wanted my food!

Time to go poop!  Get a move on it...want a treat...Nana is wanting to ogo to Starbucks....hurry!

On Wednesday morning we got up and went for a little walk....I think I need to trade him in for 2 smaller seems as though he drags me down the street and it seems like I am running very fast!

It is so sad to watch him faithfully waiting at the front gate!

We think he has settled in.  Last night I laid the shawl that I was making, on the floor.  Kodie laid on it and refused to get off of it.  Let lmd tell you....this is no dumb dog. We knew we were home free when Kodie asked Vicki to play ball with him.  This did not last long as Vicki could not seem to throw the ball down the hall and after hitting him in the head, he gave up on her.  Another sign we have made it is that he thinks that our bed is for him too!  Now I will admit there is enough room between us for 2 dogs....I can't do it.  When he got in bed, he made himself comfortable right on top of Vicki.  There she was saying "nice Kodi"  Now, this is the woman that has sleep problems and will never make it 10 minutes with the dog on her.  It took me 2 ttys to get him to sleep at the foot of the bed!  Mama Mia!

Now today was interesting....we took the dog to QT with us.  The handyman was here so we thought it would be nice to take Kodie with us.  Well, the ride there went well but he decided when he saw where we were, that he was going to get a treat.  So, all the way home he went crazy...We got home, I got him a treat, put him outside and then we had the treat that was in the bag!  Mama Mia!

Vicki is so happy.  She wants the new little shawl that I made. We are on the way to show it to Rosine.  I just love it!

I can make it in a lighter weight material and it will be really cute in the summer too.  It ends up having a rolled collar.

Ooops!  Rosine thinks this shawl is hers!  I guess it is hers now!

                                         Joshua and Aaron waiting to get on the plane!

Honestly Sandi, I think you should having a cat...they are a lot less work!

This is a darling picture of daughter in law!

Be careful out there!

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