Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 7, the boys are coming home tomorrow!

tonight is pour last night with the dog.....he is adapting but it has made me realize that I do not want a dog!  He has been fun and funny but he takes up too much room, he is demanding and he shows me that dogs are just like having a kid and I am too old for a kid!

Here we are at Starbucks and it is my favorite one.....for around here that is!  We will have coffee and then go home and sew.  We are finishing Todd's special throw!

Let's have our coffee and then go and see my mother and then we can go home and sew....we should be able to finish Todd's throw today

Yesterday this dog did something I have never known of him to do...our next door neighbor came first he started barking and she thought that he was going to eat her.....then he went into the house and came out and showed her his bone....then he went back into the house and brought out his other bone and let her look at that you think that he did because she had spilled pancake batter all over herself that morning and he thought she would give him a bite? lol!

This is Todd's is made from flannel and notice on the upper left corner...the backing is a really neat should be nice and warm!

The boys should be getting on the plane about now....they will arrive in Phoenix about 4:30 pm tomorrow and then the baby dog will be going home!

On Wednesday morning I am going in and having the stent taken out of my stomach.....hope it has not wandered away and it takes only 10 minutes.  Will let you all know !

On April 12th Rosine will be 95 years old...getting close to 100.

On Apri the 15th I am having the Blue Light Special on my face and will not be able to go outside for 48 hours.  On April the 18th we will go to San Diego so that the salt air will help my face heal.   There are a few more things between now and then but we don't need to talk about them!

We are going on a cruise in May.  May 12th to be exact.  We will be going to Alaska and will be spending 3 days in Vancouver.

On the 23rd of June we will be going to Kansas City to see the kids.  We will return on June 30th.


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