Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doctors, Doctors Doctors!

There really was no reason to blog yesterday as we could not eat....I said to Vicki, "what are we going to do today since you cannot eat...it seems strange....do we eat all day long?  It seemed like the answer must have been "yes" as we were besides ourselves!  Vicki could only have clear liquids in preparation for her tests today.  The tests were a  colonoscopy and a endoscopy    

So, this AM, Tami appeared at our door step to take us to Vicki's appointment.  It is amazing how fast they did the 2 procedures....60 minutes after she went in she had them both done, spent 30 minutes in recovery and was ready to go home!  Our GI doctor is very good and very cute too!

We stopped at QT and got Vicki some peach tea and sandwiches and off to the house we went.  Tami worked on her tablet and her phone while she waited for Vicki to get done.  This made all of us happy!

Now about Mark.  Mark went back to work yesterday and in the meantime he dropped off some blood at the lab.  The results came back and he is almost back to normal.   They leave for Australia on Tuesday and they all are getting very excited!

Yesterday we went to see Rosine....we were very lucky that she did not totally loose it.  We were talking about how she makes Spaghetti sauce and it went from there to "did you ever buy a half of a cow and freeze it?"  Well, we were accusing her of not doing things right and she got very mad....the only thing that saved me was that my mouth was flapping in the wind and could not form any words....mama mia!

Tomorrow Vicki has a hearing aid appointment at 11:00 and then we get our nails done at 2:15.  We have to be out of the house at 8:00 so it will make it a long day!

Well, I will probably sew in the time between appointments!  I am setting up 2 quilts for Vicki to start on, I have 2 from the Quilt contest that I am finishing up and I have several cut and ready     to go!  I am trying to be casual about it and it really is more fun this way.  I also have the Christmas purses to finish....to use starting with Thanksgiving....which is not all that far away!  lol!

                It is our responsibility to "Choose to keep right on Dancing"  Ole!

Be careful out there!

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