Friday, March 14, 2014

Where does the time go?

Yesterday, all was  back to normal....what ever that is!  We went to Starbucks at 99th and then took off for Mesa which was an hour away......Vicki had an appointment to have her orthopedics adjusted.  We were 20 minutes late as we got lost ....they called her right away and she was in there all of 15 minutes!  We were then on our way again!

While we were lost we were in an area that was ugly and dirty....the overcast sky did not help!  The shopping Center where the doctor is located is very nice and it has everything you can even has a Fire House sub which is owned by a friend of Davin's!  They went to High School together!

"That was is too early for lunch....what would you like to do?"

"How about we drive back to Sun City West and go to Red Robin for lunch?  We can use the gift card Mark and Tami gave us for Christmas and it will be time to eat by the time we get there!"

"This worked out the time we get done eating it will be time to go and see my mom."

"I am going to have a hamburger and steak drys and it is not going to make me sick.  Thank you Mark and Tami for the nice lunch!"

Now for today.  We went to the starbucks that I don't like...then it was off to Helping Hands to get a wheelchair for Rosine.  The nice man put it in the trunk for us.  Then it was off to QT where we got our peach tea.  Then we went to Michaels to look for a crochet pattern , which they did not have and then off to Sprouts to get some Morning Rounds.  Oops!  They do not carry our Morning Rounds any more!

Now, we are at home....Vicki is making air plane reservations for Kansas City in June and she is doing some banking.  We still have to go see Rosine at 3:00.

"  I am not happy, I had to go one came to help me....I got on the toilet by myself...I am not suppose to do that but I really had to go....Sandy went into the nurses station and told them that no one was helping me.  This is the second time this week that I have gotten on the pot by myself"

Rosine can barely transfer herself when someone is helping her....what a safety risk, Rosine doing it with none there!

Okay I am done!



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