Tuesday, March 25, 2014

All in blue!

Today I got a text from my son Todd.  Below is a picture of the new truck he got today.  He is in Springfield MO and Melinda and the dog will arrive tomorrow and they will start a new adventure across the United States!

Todd's new truck is a pretty blue to match his blue eyes!  I am so surprised that you picked the blue....did I mention that Todd is color blind and only sees objects that are blue!  lol!

What a great match...it will look great in the truck!
Thank you Rita for another great picture.  We are very lucky as we usually do not get hit very hard when these storms move in.  They are sometimes interesting and sometimes very beautiful but they are dangerous, muddy, dirty and contain the spores from Valley Fever.  60% of the cases of Valley Fever in the United States are here in the West valley of Phoenix.  Both Rita and I have had it and we will always show positive for having had it!

Saturday was my daughter Tami's birthday.  Since she was not here and her birthday was Thursday in Australia, it made me very confused.  So, I forgot to wish her a Happy Birthday in the blog!  


Be careful out there!

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