Monday, March 3, 2014

In like a lion....

March did come in like a lion so we will hope it goes out like a lamb!

                           We had a really good soaking rain.  At times it was a great down pour!

Saturday, March 1st,  was Lula Bales birthday.  Happy Birthday Lula!  Lula is my DIL's mother.  We hope you had a wonderful birthday and had loads of chocolate cake!  Happy Birthday!

Now about Mark....I am not going to go into any details other than to say that he went grocery shopping      with Joshua and somehow he ended up on the ground, was put in an ambulance and taken to the ErR at Arrowhead Hospital.  Vicki and I hopped into the car and ran out to the ER.  Aaron, Miranda and Josh were there with Mark.  They decided to keep him overnight for observation.  Today brought a round of tests, more fluids and a stay over for tonight.  Tami was in Topeka for National Guard and flew home this afternoon.  Keep Mark in your prayers.....he is getting bored in the hospital, which is a good sign!

Now, I must tell you a little after going into QT to get our drinks I got back into the car and I said to Vicki....I just can't believe I am 75 years old....I can't believe it either she said....but, actually you are closer to 76 than you are 75....waa...waa...I am going to tell Jerry what you said to me!  I knew you were going to say that, she said

Today, I had 2 doctor's appointments other words we spent the whole day at the doctors offices.  The first appointment was with the GI doctor who told me that I have to go back to the hospital for the stent to be taken out and I have to be scheduled for a ERCP which is the procedure I had to put it in.  This is just in case the stent is not where it is suppose to be and they have to go digging for it!  Don't think about it!  The second visit which took 2 hours was regarding the heart procedure and I do not have to go back to see him for 6 months!  Yea!  Even if he is cute!

Good night

BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!                  

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