Monday, April 15, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 100, Jamestown, Saint Helena

 Here we are in San Diego.  It was 57 degrees when we arrived here yesterday.  Over night it did a little bit of raining.  As a result it was very gloomy outside this morning!  It is suppose to be cold again tomorrow!

After we went to Starbucks we went to meet Mary Lou and as we were ordering our lunch the push notices about the Boston Marathon started coming on our cell phones.  What a tragedy!  Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you and your love ones!

Well, it has been 1 week since we went on WW and I have not lost a single ounce!  Now, this is not a pretty picture, besides it really makes me mad and on top of it it has raised my blood sugar!                                                   

Same is true for me!  No weight loss and higher blood sugar!  BOO HISS!

Gloomy gloomy....June gloom and it is here early...then it will jump to hot hot hot!

Here we are at "Island's", doing what we do and visit with Mary Lou!  54 years!  And we just keep chugging right along.  I can tell you that 54 years ago ..."who woulda  thought?"

Now it is almost time for Jerry to come up f or cocktails and to have dinner with us! We bought an entree at Costco and it looks good.  It is low in fat, which is good!                         
And it was very good....we will have it again. Maybe the next time we arrive here, we can make it a tradition!  lol!

Jerry will be leaving a week from Thursday to go on a river cruise to China and Japan.  It looks like a fun trip!

Where we did not go today ....but the Amsterdam did!
 Jamestown, St. Helena

Postcards from Paradise!
 At Sea

Well, here we are, back at sea, and back to normal, so to speak. Going to breakfast and doing our morning walk felt good. So did the slightly warmer breeze we were having on the outside deck. Now that we have traveled about 300 nautical miles further northwest, the weather is much more suitable and should remain comfortable, without the heavy humidity and oppressive heat we experienced from the Seychelles to Madagascar and Mozambique.

Thankfully, the rolling of the seas subsided since last night. From the looks of it, most of the folks were back to attending routine lectures and ship games. The new speakers have continued their series of talks. One was Dave Smith, who presented digital photography for beginners. Good place to start. Howard Walker lectured on the historic influences of ancient western Africa. That will be a good basis for next year's world cruise, that will be visiting some of those areas. Barbara H. talked about the next ports of St. Helena and Ascension Island, both remote islands in the South Atlantic.

Our day was dedicated to catching up on reports and movie watching. By the afternoon, we took a break at the aft pool, finding it mostly empty of the regular sunbathers. Actually, most of the Dutch and German sun lovers left the ship in Cape Town, preferring not to sail trans-Atlantic. Don't blame them if they are closer to home by flying from here.

Despite occassional clouds, the sun peeked out enough to give us a little heat, and a possible sunburn if we were not careful. Perhaps it's our imagination, but one of us is experiencing some sensitivity to the sunlight. Using sunscreen has helped, but not enough. It could be a side effect of the anti-malarial medications we have been taking. And we are each taking different meds, that will not conflict with current prescriptions. Best to cover up and wear a visor. Come to think of it, regarding malaria or yelklow fever, we never saw one mosquito at the bush camp during our entire stay at the lodge. Nor did we get bit by anything, thank goodness.

By the time another report was cranked out and emailed, it was nearing dinnertime and our run for the dinner food inspection at the Lido. It was formal tonight, so we were having difficulty deciding what to order. The beef wellington looked the best. There were only four of us at the table, since Van and Carol had been finally invited to the Captain's Dinner in the Pinnacle Grill Restaurant. They eventually joined us by 9pm.because their meal had begun much earlier. Even though the menu for this dinner was unusual, they still enjoyed their experience with this event, since it was a first for them. Van thanked us for the warning about the pre-cocktail party special drink brought to their room. He was prepared with some vodka to spice up the blended cucumber concoction. He said everything tastes better with vodka, right? Anyway, we correct in choosing the beef wellington entrees, as they were tender and delicious. Even better was the dessert of Jamaican calypso mud pie. It was finally served for the first time this entire cruise.

We know we have been remiss with keeping up with the evening entertainment in the Queens Lounge, but as you all know, we seldom go. The show for this evening was presented by the Amsterdam singers and dancers with "Hit List". It featured contemporary music from the 80's, which isn't exactly new is it, since that was 30 years ago. Time flies...............

A good thing, the clocks went back one precious hour tonight, making us seven hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, and that much closer to home.

Bill & Mary Ann

We had a wonderful day today exploring St. Helena…..  We were joined by Brad & Gloria and took the first tender ashore.  We hooked up with a taxi driver named Patrick for a tour of the island.  Aside from being known as the place where Napoleon lived out his final days, the island is quite beautiful.  We toured the tomb where Napoleon was buried in 1821 until he was moved back to France in 1840 and the house in Longwood where he lived.  We saw sights from around the island, majestic peaks, rugged coastlines and beautiful lush scenery.  It was a wonderful tour.  We ended the day at the top of Jacob’s ladder, a set of stairs that go up 699 steps and over 900 feet from the town of Jamestown to the top of Ladder Hill.  We saw our friends Henk & Cristel Mensink climb with very impressive times….  I climbed Jacob’s ladder in 2009 but my time wasn’t that impressive…..  It was a wonderful day!

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