Monday, April 29, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise day 114, at sea!

A friend of ours, Pam, flew to Beijing last night to start her 2 week cruise to Alaska.  She is flying in style!
We will keep tabs on Pam and her adventures over the next 2 weeks!

So, as it stands now...we will be following Pam in Asia, Bill and  Mary Ann in the Panama Canal and Vicki and Sandi in New Orleans and Biloxi!  This is going to be a real challenge!  No tracking on sea 
days!  I will post everyday like I have been even if it is just to say hello but we don't need to know what they are doing on sea days!  lol!

Today we were suppose to go to the beauty shop and have a hair cut and color.  Vicki got this great idea which resulted in me getting a perm...all things considered, it looks pretty good!

Now next week I will put some color in it and hopefully I will look younger!

This morning, after we had coffee with Sandi and Irwin, we went to the low vision store and I had an eye appointment!  My good eye is a little worse but overall I am functioning at a very high level!  She wanted to know what my goals are...did I want to get a drivers license?  I could just see all of you out there shrieking, NO! lol!   No was the right answer...I would not even consider that unless they could give me a new retina!  Binocular glasses would not work for my sense of responsibility and liability!  So, that being settled we moved on to the exam!

Now we are home and the day is all gone and all I did was take 1 picture for the blog.  It has been 114 days and I still miss a lot of good shots and it has nothing to do with my vision!  lol!

Where we did not go today....but the Amsterdam did!

Postcards from Paradise!  Thank you Mary Ann and Bill!
           Day at Sea April 28, 2013 Sunday

Packing must have been on the agenda for most folks today, because the boat was like a ghost ship. The weather was sure cooperating too, as it had really cooled off overnight as we sailed in a northwesterly direction. As we passed many islands in the Caribbean, there were occassional rain showers in the afternoon.

Even though we do not have to pack now, we did some anyway. Starting with the breakables that were gifted on this cruise, we quickly filled one duffel bag. The ice chest we brought worked well for these delicate items, especially the Delft tile gifts. Unlike some folks that tried to divest themselves of these presents, we treasure the plates, vases, coffee cups, and platters we have collected over the years. They are indeed one of a kind.

We did take several breaks, spending time walking on the promenade deck. Some masked boobys have joined the ship, and put on quite a show with their diving-for-fish skills. At one point, we even saw a small dinnerplate-size turtle go swimming by. There should be some good luck mojo with sighting a lone turtle like that, as this is our second such sighting while out at sea.

There were two jobs we had to do today besides a little packing. Deciding it would be far easier to ship all of the luggage, instead of taking two suitcases on the plane with us in San Diego, we purchased two more Fed Ex tags for the extra pieces. The first four duffels are shipped complimentary, and we would have had to pay $50. at the airport for the other two. Then there is always the worry about being overweight on those bags. Now we will not have to be concerned, because those suitcases have no weight limit. And with past cruises, we have gotten all of our luggage delivered to our home within a week's time. And having only our hand carrys with us, flying home will be a breeze. The Fed Ex gals had no line when we went to see them at 5:30pm. They had the new tags printed up in a few minutes, and billed to our shipboard account. Easy.

The other job was to pick up our passports at the front desk. On May 1st, we will have to clear the ship with everyone else, passing through customs and immigrations with our passports. Hopefully, we will do this in a small group, as we have booked a shore excursion for that morning, and should return before 3pm.

All of the speakers went home yesterday in St. Lucia, so there are no more lectures scheduled. Those guests that participated in the games and activities that paid DAM Dollars were able to pre-order their prizes today, with the final pickup tomorrow in the Queens Lounge.

By the time we went for lunch in the Lido, the waiters were cleaning up after an Indonesian lunch. All that was left were the decorations of the pretty umbrellas and the statues. Instead, we had turkey and swiss cheese sandwiches on ciabatta rolls. These guys make one good sandwich. We usually top lunch off with a small ice cream cone.....the only disappointment was that they have run out of sugar cones until we reach Florida. Life is tough...............ha-ha.

Dinnertime was International Favorites and also a most important birthday...............Captain Mercer turned 60 something today. So for his special day, he treated all of us to free wine, beer, or sodas with our meal. What a guy. Our international meal consisted of a crispy egg roll, potato salad which was mostly a regular salad, spaghetti, and chicken cordon bleu. Dessert was the best, a lemon tart with blueberries on top. We're going to miss these desserts, since we sure don't do this at home.

Mary Ann & Bill

 At Sea!  Thank you Jeff!

Had a very pleasant day at sea…..  The temperature is hot but we did get a bit of a breeze.  It certainly is a lot warmer than Virginia will be when I get home.  Can’t believe it’s still very cool for this time of the year.  Got some more packing done today, beginning to see the end in sight.  The sunset this evening was really beautiful….  A couple more days and we’ll be back in Florida….  So sad!

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