Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 87, Maputo, Mozambique

A health update...Vicki got a call from the doctors office and her stress test came back normal!  yea!

It is really sad today.  Irwin has caught the creeping crud from Sandi and they won't be back at coffee until the end of the week.  We had coffee with George and Sally and had a nice time.
Of course we went to Curves and then to Have our finger nails done.  A stop at QT, Sprouts and we were on our way home to have lunch.  After lunch we jumped back into the car and went to Best Buy so that the blind person could look at a really big TB. lol!
Then it was over to Costco, another stop at QT , a stop at home and then over to see Rosine!  We took no pictures, no one has posted any pictures or updates and I am totally lost!

Sunday's and Monday's blogs had such nice pictures in them...I think I will just go back and look at them again since there is nothing here......let me see what I can find! lol!

My grandson Joshua and his friend Sam at the Diamond Backs  opening game and they won even though the family was there! lol!

This is Rosine, Vicki's mother.  Rosine  is beautiful!,,,, and she is only 94 years old next Friday!

                I guess we should just "Choose to Dance"  Instead I think I will take my shower! lol!

Where we did not go today.....but the Amsterdam did!

Maputo, Mozambique!

Pictures of the day!

Postcards from Paradise- It looks like everyone is going to be behind in their postings....this is Africa after all!  lol!

Day at Sea April 1, 2013 Monday
Happy April Fool's Day to all! It's quite possible that this holiday came from the changing of the calendar in the 1500's. The Gregorian calendar was introduced that changed New Year to January 1st. Many people did not receive the news of that change and continued to believe April 1st was still New Year's Day. These people who refused to change were called backwards fools. Thus, April Fool's Day evolved. Of course, the staff on the Amsterdam would never pull any hoaxes on the passengers, or would they? Yes, just check the elevator carpet for the day of the week. Bet it says Friday instead of Monday. Do you think anyone will attend the 2pm whales and dolphins release on the promenade deck? Or will they attend coloring with crayons, the power of junk food, paint the ship's hull, or little toe exercising? You may be surprised to find the folks show up for these activities.

We were treated to the first bloom of one of our tiger lilies opening up in our window garden. It has given a wonderful scent to the room. There are many more flowers to open, and we're afraid the smell may drive us out of here. Honestly, we never thought these would bloom with such large flowers. Spring has arrived to our room!

It was a good thing that there were some inside activities today, because it rained intermittently. It was a relief to have some cooler weather. Barbara H. gave a talk on Cape Town, while the international space station was discussed by Lawrence Kuznetz. The mighty ocean currents and feeding frenzies was the topic discussed by George Sranko.

Dunking for Dollars was a different activity held in the Lido pool area late this afternoon. Some of the crew, including officers and the Captain, volunteered to get dunked for a charity in Namibia. This was the highlight of the Lido Pool Party with music, food, drink specials, games, and lots of prizes. Originally intended for the aft pool area, it had to be moved when none of the tables could be set up for the drink stations. It was far too windy. Waiting for the sunset on deck nine, we got some photos of the Captain being dunked in the pool. For some reason, the folks really liked that.

With lots of discussion back and forth with our tour in Richards Bay, we made a decision to cancel it, taking the 10% cancellation fee on it. Hopefully, we will be successful in finding a new camera lens there. Barbara H. has a call into the port agent there to find out if there is a good camera store there in the shopping mall. So far, she has had no response.

We had our last dinner with our current tablemates, as Martha and Bob will be going on a safari tomorrow to Kruger National Park. They will return in Durban, where we and Van and Carol will be leaving on our separate safaris. Since Bob and Martha will be disembarking in Cape Town, we won't see them again this trip. Sure has been fun having them join us, but all good things come to an end.

Maputo, Mozambique is our port of call for tomorrow. Wonder how much, if any, it has changed in four years since we were here?

 Bill & Mary Ann

World Adventures-   We have lost Jeff or I should say, he will be posting late as he is on several Safari.

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