Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise day 102, Georgetown, Ascension Island

Today is a much better day!  The sun is out, there is a  cool sea breeze gently blowing and all is well in Paradise!  It was about 65 degrees and tomorrow will be even better!                        

The one thing we are doing here is, sleeping in every morning!  Our arrival time at Starbucks is about 10:30.   This  has been nice!  This Starbucks is actually a nicer setting than the one in Sun City West.  It has a much better outdoor area but the Computers all over the place is even worse.  I thought when we did not arrive until 11:00 yesterday that seating would be no problem.  Wrong...and it was too cold to sit outside.  This puts me in a bad mood right off the bat!  lol!                                                                                                         
This place is least we got a table today!

And that Vicki!  She is just as happy as can be....why! lol!

After we had our green tea chocolate protein drink and our Pumpkin Bread we were ready to go shopping!  First stop was The Container Store.  We took back some extra parts from when they built the closet.  We both love this store and have fun just poking around in there.  

Next stop was at the Hawaiian Jewelry Store!  We love Hawaii and love the jewelry too!
  Now these are really pretty!                                                                                     

These are the two we like the best!

Next we went to True Food and had lunch.  I decided to try       something new and I did not like it so as a result I felt very unsatisfied and actually felt like I had not eaten!

Next was Chico's and on the way we had to stop and take a few pictures!
I don't like to have my picture taken b y running know why!  lol!

Yes, I am sitting here at the mall under a huge know how I love  umbrellas...where is the margarita?          
Thought I would give you a shot down the middle of Fashion Valley Mall!

 Next of course we made a trip to The Walking Store!  Of course Vicki is trying another pair of shoes...and she could take them back!  lol!

Where we did not go today....but the Amsterdam did!

 Georgetown, Ascension Island, United Kingdom

Today didn’t quite turn out as planned…..   We arrived at our anchorage outside Georgetown and got ready to go.  After immigration procedures were completed, we headed down to take our tender ashore.  Brad, Corrine & I got on the first tender and headed to the island.  To our dismay, we returned to the ship after arriving at the dock and turning around.  The Captain made the determination that it would be unsafe.  I was here in 2009 where we had very rough conditions.  However, that was a different time, different crew and different result.  Before leaving the island we circumnavigated the island…  I took many photos which I am sharing a few.  Also, I have included a link to the 2009 blog entry….

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