Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise day 110, Devil's Island!

We  are getting close now!  Soon it will all be over.  I have enjoyed writing this blog and it has been educational too!  Right at this point I am thinking I will continue the daily blog but am not sure about the virtual cruise.

Today I am going to post some of my favorite photos from the last 110 days!  Enjoy!

                               He is so cute!
                               She is cute too!
Bonnie and Diane are cute too!
     Dr Clark is a good sport!
This was really fun!  Wess is a good sport too!
Van is so cute sitting in the little chair!
This is such a good photo of Sally and George!

Doing what we do best!
 There is a lot of food here!                                                        
 Lou is our long time buddy!                                                        
I am concentrating!
      great pic of Mary Lou!                                                                        
Happy 40th Birthday, Davin!
Of course, we are in a restaurant!
Go girls!
      I love this photo!                                                      
This is so awesome!                                                                                                 

Good picture!
Spa day!

     We choose to dance!
    The girls!

    Cute, huh?
     Another cute one!                                                                  
   Vicki loves her light that Bonnie made her!
    Having lunch with mom!
   One of my favorites!
      Aren't they cute?
Happy Birthday Vicki!  Ride that bull!              
    Not everyone is happy about this picture!
   Our friends, Roger and Mary                                                                                                                                                                             
   Diane, Bonnie, Elaine and Dorothy....Elaine and Dorothy are meeting us in Biloxi in a few weeks!
     Love it!

                      Like her new jacket?
    Love Dr.Ron!
      Tessa is beautiful!                                                                                   
     Mark, Aaron and Joshua
  Aaron and Tami!
Shelly  is so pretty@
   Vicki loves chips!
 Jerry does not know I am taking his picture!
   Joshua and Nana are waiting for lunch!
         Kween Karen......yipes!

Where we did not go today......but the Amsterdam did!

 Devil's Island, French Guiana

It was a hot and humid day at Devil’s Island…..  Never saw Papillion.  We actually were on Iles Du Salut, Devil’s Island is just offshore along with Ile Ste-Joseph.  Sounds more exciting when they call the port of call Devil’s Island.  Anyway, just love it here.  Been here a few times and I always find it very lush and teeming with wildlife.  The old prison buildings in decay against the backdrop of lush vegetation is pretty beautiful to me.  Anyway, very nice day….  We are late sailing away due to some technical difficulties, hope we don’t have to spend the night here….. scary!

Postcards from Paradise!

This day at sea was dubbed Mariner Appreciation Night, and also Mariner Appreciation morning for some of us. A special brunch for those of us who had over 500 days, including the President Club members, was held in the upper dining room at 11am. Some of the higher day guests were assigned to larger tables to be hosted by some of the staff members. We shared a table with Scott and Karen, who we know from many other grand voyages, and another couple we remembered by the names of Marge and George. Hard to forget them, since they wear matching shirts quite often. Our host for the brunch was Char, our future cruise consultant.

The meal consisted of a seafood cocktail or a caesar salad, followed by three choices of entrees. One was a salmon plate, a filet mignon, and a vegetarian manicotti. We ordered one steak and one vegetarian, sharing a little with each other. As always, the meal was fine. Especially the dessert of a berry-topped napoleon. Champagne was poured freely for the entire brunch. At each place setting, was a commemorative tile trivit, a nice momento of the trip. We have a growing collection of these tiles at home. We understand that there will be two more brunches like this for the remaining Mariners, one on Friday and one on Sunday.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the aft pool in the partly cloudy sun. A nice breeze was blowing across the deck as we sailed in the still muddy waters off the coast of Brazil and the mighty Amazon River. We seem to remember that the flow of the water from the river is so massive, it carries the brown silt a hundred miles out to sea.

Barbara H. gave her last port talk on Castries, St. Lucia coming up on Saturday. Speaker Howard Walker spoke about the relative decline of the 20th century great powers of Japan and Russia. Photo guru David Smith lectured on how to amaze your friends with your photos and videos with good planning, music sources, and good techniques.

Passengers have been invited to have a swap meet, with "what was I thinking when I bought that" souvenier. You can sell or swap any item you like. On past cruises, we have heard of some ladies selling some of their formal clothing to fellow guests. Like we said, anything goes. This will take place tomorrow afternoon at sailaway time.

Tonight was the special Mariner Appreciation Cocktail party in the Queens Lounge. Those of us who were due to receive a medal on this trip had gotten them delivered to their rooms a few days ago. During the party, Bruce called each person or couple to the front of the room to get their photos taken with the Captain and Henk, our hotel manager. There were many 300, 500, and 700 recipients that got their medals.

We had company this evening, a friend of Barb's that we had seen for a short time on last year's world cruise. It was nice to finally meet Renee, since we have heard nice things about her. She kept us laughing for two hours, so we hope she plans on coming back next year.

And for the last time, we had the final presents waiting for us in our room. It was the special ceramic plate made by Royal Goedewaagen. The plate has the unique Dutch floral design, as well as the itinerary of this 2013 world cruise printed on the rim. They are a very nice keepsake to add to our growing collection as well.

Tomorrow, we shall be at Devil's Island, a particularly different type of stop.

Bill & Mary Ann

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