Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise day 103,

An absolutely beautiful day in Paradise!  If we take a walk today, we may even sweat!  lol!  Last night I could not resist taking a picture of Vicki watching TV!
   Vicki has the perfect little place to watch Tv....she looks so cute sitting there...even if it is a little dark!
No, we can't have any....they are not good for us....not even the bagels...just drink your protein drink!  lol!
Besides you know we are going to meet Mary Lou at ihop in half an hour!

Vicki has been wearing these shoes everywhere we go..she bought the socks at Under Armour, to match all the shirts shedoes not have!  lol!
Now these are what will be known from this day forward as "The Kween Karen Shoes!"  I hope she keeps them as she made me buy a pair too! lol!

It is a beautiful day and we are going to eat outside here at we aren't?'s too windy? lol!
I think it is really funny that you thought you  were going to get to sit outside to eat....don't you know better!  lol!

Tonight we are going to walk to dinner.  Jerry will be coming down for cocktails and then we will walk to Jimmy Carter's for Mexican food!

Jerry is having a good time talking to Vicki and thinking I am not taking his picture!  lol!       
I don't remember seeing all these little things growing out of these trees!  lol!

Now this is the way an old Mexican Restaurant should look!  lol!

On the inside ceiling too!

Where we did not go today...but the Amsterdam did!

 At Sea

Today was a very special day…..  Okay, the weather was simply spectacular, lots of sun and time in the pool but that wasn’t it…..  It was also the 140th Birthday for Holland America Line but….  That wasn’t it either, it was the one year anniversary of Corrine receiving the gift of life, her liver transplant.  One year ago, my friends and I were glued to our emails once we received the initial notification of the possible transplant after a couple of years of agony for Corrine.  She sent a short note which simply said “MY TURN!  My pager has gone off.  I'm off to London University Hospital. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.  I don't know when I'll be able to email again but Chris will attempt to respond to inquiries that are forwarded to her “  The rest is history, the donor match was good and now she has gotten back to living her life.  Life is full of such miracles….  To celebrate this evening we had a wonderful dinner with Ed & Becky…..  What a day!

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