Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise day 106, Fortaleza, Brazil

Today we went back down to the valley to our Favorite Starbucks.  We took our pictures in the parking lot so we could show you our new purses! Vicki ended up with 2 and I ended up with 3
Vicki's purse is actually blue and was a steal !

Vicki and I always have so much fun when we can get a true bargain....These were a real bargain!

This is the cutest little thing...It is a van , all decorated and on 3 sides there are things to buy .  I guess that it has been there for awhile as there was no one very interested in it  besides me! 
                                  I think it is just so cute that I could not resist taking a picture of it!                                                                                                                                
                    It is all his fault...he made us  buy a pretzel and it cost us 10 of our saved points!  Speaking of Weight Watchers...The 4 ounces I lost yesterday is back today.  I just know it is the     food on this ship!  lol!  I many people really do lose weight on a cruise?  We do!  lol!                        

                       T  his a very pretty merry-go-round.  Vicki wanted to go for a ride but did not want to go alone.  I told her she could go and I would take her picture!  lol!                      

     Oh!  This feels so good!  I am so glad I came out here for you to work on me!  What is your name so when I come back we can do this again...ouch..ugh..okay all ready!  lol!

Where we did not go today....but the Amsterdam did!
Fortaleza, Brazil

Postings from everyone will be late as the satellite is down! and we are drawing close to the end of the cruise!

Fortaleza, Brazil

We arrived outside Fortaleza early this morning only to be put in a holding pattern for an hour because the Brazilian’s weren’t ready for us….  Oh well, you get used to stuff like this.  Once we docked, we were joined by Ed & Becky and we took the first shuttle to town.  It dropped us off at the old jail which has been converted into a handicraft market.  We left that for later and headed out exploring to town a little.  We checked out the beautiful cathedral and went on from there to the central market.  This place was huge, going up several levels.  Since it was Sunday and a holiday to boot, not much else was open.  We walked out to the coast to go to the English Bridge which we discovered after a long walk that it was closed for safety reasons.  We headed back to the craft market, checked out the stores and called it a day.  It was so unbelievably hot that we had no more desire to explore Fortaleza….  Not a great place to visit anyway. 

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