Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 92, Cape Town South Africa

Here it is Sunday again and tomorrow Vicki sees the Cardiologist.  Tomorrow evening we are going to go and re-join Weight Watchers!  Wish us luck!

Today we had coffee with Irwin and Sandi.  Yesterday they went to the Biltmore   Shopping area.  It sounded so wonderful that we decided to go there and have lunch at the Olive Mill.  I have heard about the restaurant on the radio and have been wanting to go after coffee we headed for the Biltmore!
                   "I ordered us Caprese  Sandwiches and they come with a few olives!"

 "You know this is my favorite, to be sitting outside like this and under an umbrella too.  The only thing missing is the pool, the lounge chair and the pina colada!"  lol!
               "These high end stores are quite nice....I really like the fountains too!"
                                   The flowers are all over the place and are so beautiful!

                       " I really like it here too, it is so peaceful"
                             " I did a good job, I only bought 1 thing....I am proud of myself!"

  Where we did not go today .......but the Amsterdam did!

 Amakhala Game Reserve, South Africa 

Here are the last of the photos from my absolutely wonderful African safari adventure…..


No wake up call for us this morning.  It felt good to sleep in, at least until the other guests woke us up at 6am, chatting all the while before their game drive.  We could have gone with the group this morning, but it would have been necessary for someone to come out in their vehicle to pick us up in the bush.  We figured seven game drives was enough, although, the one disappointment was that we saw no lions.  This might give us an excuse to return here someday.  Well, we would consider coming back even if we had seen them.

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