Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise day 105, at sea!

Here we are.....still in San Diego!  It was another  beautiful day and we went to a lot of places.  We met Mary Lou for coffee and it was really nice at Starbucks with all the computer people not there!

After Starbucks we went to Costco to get gas....all of these cars are waiting for gas!  There are about 8 lines of pumps and there were at least 4 cars per line!

After getting gas we went back to Fashion Mall and it was so nice there

                         These fountains are so pretty and really add to the shopping experience!  lol! I bought another was on sale...and yes we did have lunch at Rubio' did you know!                                                                                              
     Joshua just texted me and it is so noisy here that I am taking this picture and waving hi to him!  lol!                                
Yes, this is my lunch....2 chicken street tacos!

This is wild mustard growing along the road.  It is not real clear as the car is moving but it is all along the freeways at this time of the year.  I think that people take it for granted and don't even see it!

   This is the San Ysidro Americas Mall.  It is very nice and you can see Mexico and the hill that the people sit on before they run the border!  I don't know if they still do that!  We are about 1/4 mile to the border crossing!

These are the nice people who waited on us at the Kipling Store!  They were very helpful putting the purses into the bags!  lol!
It was very crowded at this Starbucks.  We had a hard time getting a table...sound!

Believe it or not....this mall has a Carnival Cruise Line kiosk!

Now, we are True Food having dinner and cocktails with Jerry.  Jerry is leaving on Thursday for a nice I guess we will go home!  lol!

Now you can see why the sales people were so happy to help us.  Vicki's purchases are on the left and mine are on the right.  We bought the same color in the wallets but mine is is because I have less money!  lol!

Now I  need to give you all a Weight Watchers update.
Since April 8th, I have spent $100 on my WW experience.  I paid for 1 month which allows me to  log my food on my cell phone and I bought an Activity link which allows me to track my level of activity.  in 13 days I have lost 4 ounces!  This is $25 per ounce!  Tell there something wrong with this picture?  lol!

Where we did not go today ...but the Amsterdam did!

 At Sea

We had a great day at sea today.  The weather continues to be extremely hot which means a lot of time on the aft deck and in the pool.  As this voyage draws to  a close, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the experiences that we’ve had.  Of course, one of the things that really make a voyage are the people – the staff and crew that work on the ms Amsterdam.  A few years ago, I met a young man who worked on the 2009 voyage on the ms Rotterdam who impressed me so much that I wrote a blog post about how outstanding his performance was day in and day out.  He was the hardest working guy that I had seen on the ship and it was always with a smile.  He could never do enough for the guests on the World Voyage.  That individual was Manny Cabenella who, at that tiime, was the head deck steward.  Manny has since been promoted and is part of the Bar Staff and his performance hasn’t missed a beat.  Day and night Manny is there working hard, always with a smile, and provides the best service – in my opinion – that I have ever seen.  Over the last few years, Manny has been recognized by Holland America Line as the Employee of the Month – an award that Manny could earn each and every month.  It’s people like Manny Cabenella that really make a difference in my choosing HAL as my cruiseline of choice.  He certainly is worthy of Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year if they have such an award.  I just want to say ‘Thanks’ to Manny for representing HAL in such an outstanding fashion.

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