Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 52, Freemante & Perth, Australia, aaaaa day 2

This was like a sea day for us.  After we went to Starbucks, Curves and QT we went home and both of us started working on our projects.  Vicki was working on her income tax and checking out the cruise boards to see what was going on.

  Meanwhile I was in my sewing room working on the quilt.  I finished all of the squares and now I am ready to sew them together.  oN Friday I will lay out the squares and begin sewing them together.  I will have the quilt top ready to put it in the mail on Monday.

Tomorrow we are going to have an adventure.  We are going to Chandler for the day and spending the night down there.  So we will let you know how the sleep number beds work.  I will post day 52 and 53 on Thursday night!

This is about all I have to report today and if we had our way....

                                                   We would choose to dance!
                   Dance dance and dance some more!!  I'm tired now....going to bed!                                                                                  

Where we did not go today...but the Amsterdam did!

 Freemante & Perth, Australia

Had a wonderful day visiting with my friends Paul & Sylvia today…..  It is such a treat to visit them here in Perth.  I wish the ship would come here more often.  We dropped Corrine off in Perth this morning so she could go shopping and we drove through the Swan Valley which is wine country.  It was a lovely drive as we headed out of town.  We made our way to Caversham Wildlife Park which was out in Whiteman Park.  It is always nice to visit wildlife parks in Australia…  love being up close to the animals.  We then headed back to town and picked up Corrine and drove back to Freemantle.  We spent some time walking around Freemantle and had some lunch.  Then it was back to the ship where we said our goodbyes and off we went as the ship sailed away to our next port….  Bali!  A thousand thanks to Paul & Sylvia for being such great hosts…..


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