Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 45, at sea!

        It did not go exactly how I thought it would today.  First it was Starbucks, then Sprouts, then Walmart, then Curves and then QT and my friend was not working today!  lol!                                          

       Next we drove south for 30 minutes and picked up the suitcase that was fixed.  Back on to the freeway and 30 minutes later we were at the  store to look for Vicki's mom , a recliner chair.

Now this is the chair that Vicki thinks will be good for her mom.  The only problem is that the chair rocks.  Not good for someone who has balance problems!
"This chair is wonderful...I want to take it home with me...it even rocks."  No Vicki, you do not need to rock! lol!

This picture was taken in 2011 in Las Vegas,  From left to right are Diane and Bonnie from Denver Colorado and  Elaine and Dorothy from Atlanta Georgia. Vicki has known these gals for 40 years or more.   We all had fun getting into trouble and giving our money to the machines! lol!


At Sea  Postcards from Paradise!

Day at Sea February 19, 2013 Tuesday

As the Amsterdam headed in a northerly direction around Tasmania, the weather has turned on a dime. It was downright cold this morning with high winds and rolling seas. It was no surprise that there were a total of five people walking on the promenade deck even by 11am. If there had been any rain showers last night, they were all but gone by dawn. Only the clouds were left, the storm probably blown away by the high winds.

That gave us plenty of time to send emails about the same time trivia began in the Ocean Bar. This game has become a blood sport. Positioning for the seats in the lounge begins early, like 11am. The overflow ends up outside in the hallway. The chairs we like to use to do emailing on this part of deck five are right outside the ship's liquor shop. The nicest fellow works in there, and we think his name is Christopher. Anyway, he knows us from previous cruises, always coming outside to chat with us. Recently, he has been setting up tables to display the shop items such as area souveniers. Today they were selling mini boomerangs, digeridoos, shotglasses, everything Aussie. When the guests stop to look at the items, we say they are 2 for 1, that is, if we know these people. That sends Christopher out to say oh no, not exactly. He seems to enjoy the joke and it certainly doesn't halt his sales. When the trivia group split up, they cleaned off half of his tables.

Our other job for today was filling out the Indonesian arrival and departure cards. Good thing for us, the office people have already printed most of the information on those cards. All we needed to add was our occupation and signature. It is acceptable to mark retired if there is a space for that. Why they need to know is a mystery to us. We can guarantee that we would not seek employment in Indonesia while passing through for a few days. But you never know.

There was a second cocktail party for our travel group at either 4:30 or 6:30pm in the Queens Lounge. We gathered at a table with Pauline, Mike, and Karen, and were soon joined with four other CC members we have recently met. It's really nice to get to know each other a little better. The number of guests attending this party is less than a quarter of the group number of 400 plus. Most of the folks eat early, so the first party was crowded according to Tom M. our host. Hey, that's OK, because there were plenty of mixed nuts and canapies for the rest of us.

Everyone is looking forward to the port of Adelaide tomorrow, including us. We have a short tour to see some of Australia's neat animals.

Mary Ann & Bill
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What a difference a day makes….  Yesterday it was 91F and I went out this morning and it was 57F, brrrrrrr, too cold for me.  As a result, even though it was very sunny, I spent the day inside at the mid-ship pool.  The day went by quickly as it was spent mainly having a few laughs with friends.  Despite the weather I had a wonderful day.  Tomorrow we visit Adelaide, Australia, a place I haven’t visited since 2009.  I am looking forward to a nice visit.

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