Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 42, Sidney Australia

While the Amsterdam is enjoying the day in Sidney Australia, Vicki and I are enjoying our very own sea day!

We jumped out of bed at 10"00 and put on our sea day outfits...Today will be a catch up day.  I am going to work on my computer and I really want to get started on the quilt that I want to take on our cruise in August!

       I am very comfortable and I intend to stay that way all day...not even going out to QT to get out usual white peach tea drink that we have everyday!
I am very comfortable is hard not to go to QT  to get our white peach tea....I do think I can do without it for one day!  Vicki is working on my taxes and I  am going to go into my sewing room and start working on the quilt.                                                                            

   This is my cutting board.  Right now I am cutting everything into 18' squares.                                                                                  

   The theme of the quilt will be Asian with a lot of reds and blacks.   The prints are very pretty!                                                                          
                      I will keep on chugging along and I will post a picture of it when it is done!                                              

   " i just finished your taxes and I filed them!"  Now all she has to do is get hers ready!                                                                        

                      WHERE WE DID NOT GO TODAY ....but the AMSTERDAM did!

Sidney Australia, photos from Jeff's World Adventures blog!

Today was a very special day….  We spent the day with our friends Con & Sue Mavridis.  Con picked us up at the ship in the morning and we began touring the beaches of Sydney, from Manly Beach going north.  The scenery was just magnificent!  At Avalon, Sue met us and went shopping with Corrine while Con & I continued touring.  We then went to their home for a wonderful lunch, fantastic!!!  Then we went down and checked out Palm Beach before heading back to Sydney,  The sail away from Sydney, as usual, was wonderful.  This place is so beautiful and the people are amazing.  Always a great time visiting Sydney…..



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