Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 38, at sea

Here we are at the start of another day.  Of course we started it the same way we always do.  We are really getting boring!  lol!  Believe me it is not easy being on a 115 day, stay at home, world cruise!  I am beginning to think that  Vicki and I need to take some day trips so that I can do a better job of reporting!  We were going to go up to Flagstaff today and meet Todd and Melinda for dinner as they race across I40.  Todd is my oldest son and Melinda is his wife.  They, along with their dog are new truck driving.  Yes, sometimes the dog drives!  lol!  We had to cancel the trip today due to them having a schedule problem and the fact that there is a lot of snow in Flagstaff.  We have not seen them since June.  Their daughter, my granddaughter, got married in Kansas. We were really looking forward to seeing them today but we will catch them soon!  I hope.  This is a new adventure for them and they really seem to be enjoying it.  It really has tamed the dog down!
These are our dress up clothes!  Now we live in T-shirts and jeans! lol!
Irwin always brings levity to our group!  I think that is what they call it. lol!                                      

Sandi was her bright friendly self and always makes us laugh! Just don't ask her about iPads! lol!

 George and Sally were at coffee this morning.  Between us being gone, Sandi, Irwin and George being sick, it has been about a month since we all were together!  It was a nice visit.                                                              

Today we met Bonnie and Diane for lunch.  We always enjoy meeting with them and I enjoy listening to  all the old stories.  Bonnie and Vicki have been friends for 42 years and they do have stories.  These stories sound like this Bonnie and this Vicki could not be the people they are talking about. lol!

     Bonnie is making these decorative lights out of wine bottles.  They are really pretty! Bonnie is very talented and makes a lot of pretty things.              

      Judy and I both  need to get back to quilting.  We can make lap quilts for the Vets!                                                                      

   I need  to get back to quilting.  I have a lot of material just sitting there.  This is a quilt that my sister Judy has been ignoring...this week she quilted it....it is beautiful!                                                                      

      Here I am again....I was on Facebook last week....aren't I cute?....my name is Peanut!                                      

This looks very festive.....and your birthday is this week....so let's celebrate!  Let's plan a cruise!  lol!


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