Monday, February 25, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise,day 51. Fremantle & Perth Australia

Silly me, I thought the Amsterdam was at sea today!  Not at all and Jeff has more beautiful pictures!

Today Irwin and Sandi got to coffee early so we had to run to catch    up with them!lol!  I have to admit, that is not a pretty picture.  lol!  We went dutifully to Curves this morning.  We are doing very well with this little project.  Mark, my SIL, has organized a weight loss contest which starts today and ends Memorial Day.  Each participant is putting $50 into the pot.  So far there are 8 participants.  This could be very interesting.  We are doing it on percentage of weight lost so that it levels the playing field.

After coffee, Curves and QT we went for our Spa day.  We did the usual having our hair cut and colored                                        
                                I always feel so much better after I have my hair done!

              And I always feel so much better when Shelly de-hairs me!  I feel so much thinner!  lol!                                                                                                              

          I really really want to be on a cruise right now but since we can't, we  only have our memories....So                                                                                                                                    
                                                              WE  CHOOSE TO DANCE!

Where we did not go today .....but the  Amsterdam did!

 Fremantle & Perth Australia

It was a beautiful day aboard the Amsterdam….  The weather was very hot and sunny.  We arrived into the port of Fremantle around 4:00 this afternoon and I could see my friends Paul & Sylvia Buis waiting for us at the south mole as we sailed into the harbor.  It was very exciting to see Paul & Sylvia, haven’t seen them since 2009 when we had a nice visit here in Perth.  As soon as we could get off the ship we met up with Paul & Sylvia and headed out for a little exploring with the little bit of afternoon that we had left.  They took us the Perth where we had a few great hours visiting and taking in the sights.  Then it was back to Freemantle where we went to the waterfront for some nice seafood for dinner.  It was a spectacular day!!

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