Sunday, February 3, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 30, at sea!

Another day at sea!  You just have to love it.......right?.....this is the biggest eating day of the year and I keep forgetting to participate.  We did have the game on , so we will take credit for that!

We had an interesting day at Starbucks this morning.  We were sitting next to this couple who where very tech savvy.  Our friend Sandi was asking a lot of questions about tablets and computers.  The woman was definitely an iPad enthusiast and of course Vicki and I are Apple snobs!  Anyway that is what my daughter calls me!  lol!  Anyway we had a fun time talking, laughing and learning all that we did not know about computers and their counterparts.

We have decided that we need a new more modern remote to activate all of our electronics....that might be 3 things!  lol!  Ron is the computer specialist  and offered to help us get it set up.  Did I say set it up for us and for Irwin and Sandi too! lol!  I told Ron that I cannot even install Adobe flash player.  I just don't get it!  He assured me that the problem is actually with the program and that even he has had problems with it!Ron's friend Angel was having a good time telling us how to use the Apple products.  I am not sure but I think that Sandi is still a little confused!  Maybe even more confused than when we started.  Is that possible? lol!

It appears that the Amsterdam is only 1 1/2 days out of New Zealand and then there will be 5 port days in a row.  I am really having a good time following the Amsterdam and learning about all of its ports.  I am almost convinced that I am there.  We are following 4 blogs.  As you know they are, Kween Karen, Jeff's World Adventures, Postcards from Paradise by Bill and Mary Ann and  Bag Lady,oldchick39!

I got my computer all set up and now I am ready to roll and to blog blog blog!Who knows what will pass us by...hmmm, doesn't sound right!

Where we did not go today but the Amsterdam sea!


Today wasn’t the best of days at sea but, it was grand nonetheless….   The temperatures have cooled slightly as we make our way to New Zealand and there have been a few more clouds than normal.  I spent the day, as usual, with friends and reading.  It is nice to take the time to relax because, very soon, time to relax will be at a premium.  We will have almost a week straight of ports in New Zealand before the next sea day.  We are currently scheduled to get into Auckland around 6:30 pm on Tuesday February 5th, the day after tomorrow.  As for tomorrow, they are planning to broadcast the Superbowl onboard and have a Superbowl party.  I may be poolside for most of that time, we’ll see….
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See you tomorrow at sea!


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