Sunday, February 10, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise,day 36, Wellington, New Zealand

Today was a little different from our usual routine.  We did go to Starbucks but we went to our favorite one!  This is one that is out by where my daughter and her husband live.  My 2 grandsons are there, Joshua and Aaron.  Mark, my SIL and Josh met us for coffee!  It is always fun to see them as we have such a good time with them!

                                   Mark and Joshua talking about the wonderful world of Apple!
                                   Our family has a tendency to be Apple " snobs"

                                          Friday is Vicki's birthday....let's go to Texas Road House!                              
                                        It is one of Vicki's favorite places...she likes steak!
                           Why aren't we smiling?  Vicki is having a problem with the camera!                                          

                                        I love it when you let me hide my body behind yours!
                                       It is really too bad the cute little red car doesn't show!
                                      I can't believe they don't have fat free Honey Mustard!                              
The days go so fast.  We stopped at Walmart and bought groceries and then off we went to the house to have lunch.  As soon as we ate we went to see Rosine.  We all had a good laugh and then we went home.
   This is Vicki's mother...Rosine!  She is a remarkable woman.  Rosine has a wonderful sense of humor and amazes us with her wit, memory and how smart she is.  The amazing part of this is that she thinks that she is not special....she thinks that everyone is just like her....except for the ones with dementia.  She is one hot tamale at the age of 93!

 It seems like we get up in the morning, we blink our eyes and it is time to shower and go to bed!    The amazing part of our day is actually when Vicki is smiling...we all should have a smile like hers!

                                                              Keep smiling Vicki!                  

Where we did not go today!....but the Amsterdam did!

Wellington, New Zealand   photos from Jeff's "world Adventures" blog

Wellington, New Zealand Postcards from Paradise


I left the ship first thing and headed out for a very long walk.  I walked from the port into the city first stopping by the Parliament buildings, the Cathedral and the “Beehive”.  Then I headed for the cable car up to the top of the mountain to see the Botanic Gardens.  I started my trek down the mountain, admiring the scenery and flowers.  One of the highlights on the way down was the Lady Norwood Rose Garden.  After getting back down to the city, I ran into Allan & Sandra and spent a few hours with them including an amazing lunch at “Shed 5”… great restaurant.  After they left, I continued walking about and even walked back up to the gardens before walking back to the ship.  All in all it was a great day!


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