Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 39, at sea!

Today we arrived at coffee about an hour early as the cleaning lady was coming and we like to leave while she is there.  We spent some time talking to Jerry.  Jerry is a "snow bird who flies in from Chicago every October.  I think he is on the same schedule as the wonderful Mallard ducks that fly over Kansas City in early October! lol!  Needless to say, Jerry is a very nice snowbird!

Today was the day that Rosine invited us to her place for lunch to celebrate Vicki's birthday.  It was a very nice lunch and the food was good.  Rosine filled us in on all the inn gossip and we were actually able to watch some of it, right before our eyes.  There is a new man at the Inn and we watched while a little old lady snagged him right before our very eyes.  lol                                                                   

           Isn't she cute...she is all ready for lunch and is anxious to fill us in on all her friends and what is going on at the Inn!                                                                        
Aren't they cute?  The birthday girl and the MOM.  Rosine does not look her age and if she still tinted her hair she would look another 10 years younger!                                                                            

     Can you believe how busy this Apple Store is?  The amazing part of this is that they are always is like going to a Coach Outlet store.  The volume inside the store is off the charts!  They were very nice and got me all set up for my Apple 1 on 1's.                                                                  


                   WHERE WE DID NOT GO TODAY....but the AMSTERDAM did, at sea!

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