Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 29, at sea

We are really having a couple of sea days.  Nothing exciting going on.

Started the day at Starbucks again only this time we were there at 9:15 so that we could meet Irwin and Sandi.  This is the first time they have been to coffee for several weeks.  It was good to see them and we had a nice visit.

After coffee we went to Walmart and then to QT and home.  The computer was calling for me to finish up and I was about to kill it strange how angry they can make you!

After lunch we went over to see Rosine who was watching the golf tournament.  She was interested because it was here in town and Vicki's brother has been involved in the activities.

"I am really enjoying the game and looking forward to the super bowl tomorrow!"
Vicki is always leaning in pictures.......I think it is because she likes her mommy!

After we left Rosine we went out for Mexican food and also picked up some green chili for Rosine to have tomorrow while watching the game.  Well, we thought we bought the chili but got home without it and had to go back to the restaurant and get it!  I got it this time and all is well

where we did not go today.....but the Amsterdam did!  At sea!

Walking the promenade deck was a pleasure with the cooler breeze blowing. However, the seas have remained rough with deep swells every now and then. You have to be careful with every step to avoid tripping up. For some reason on this particular trip, we have noticed that fewer people are walking daily. Makes it easier not to be racing and trying to pass on the turns. There are always "show-offs" who walk fast, but only do a few laps. We remember in days past when you got Dam Dollars for walking one mile. That drew many eager folks, but many of them walked out one door, collected the dollars, then ducked back inside the next door. Amusing.

The rest of the day was a lazy one for us. The sun was out earlier, but as the day advanced, the clouds began to move in. We believe the days are numbered for relaxing at the aft pool, especially with the several port days coming up soon in New Zealand. When Captain Mercer came on the speaker with his update PM talk, he said we would be skirting a storm by tomorrow that happens to be packing a lot of rain. Looks like we have hit it earlier than he thought. Guess we cannot complain because we have had little rain to spoil any of our stops.

Postcards from Paradise,  from Bill and Mary ann's blog

It was a beautiful day aboard the ms Amsterdam…..  Here we are in the South Pacific sailing along to our next destination, New Zealand.  Tomorrow we cross the International Dateline so Saturday the 2nd doesn’t exist for us.  Tomorrow will be Sunday the 3rd of February.  We have a couple of more sea days until we arrive in Auckland, late in the day on the 5th.  It is nice to have some relaxing days at sea to read and have a few laughs with friends.  Hopefully the good weather will continue for us.  It was a very, very nice day                              
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See yoou sea!



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