Friday, February 22, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 48, at sea!

Here we are again!  Time just seems to fly by and it seems that every couple of days it is Friday! lol!

We charged off to Starbucks this morning like 2 good troupers.  We had a good time visiting with Irwin and Sandi.

After coffee we continued our routine of the week and went to Curves.

Now is where I made a big mistake...we went to Fabric World...I did not take any pictures.  They have moved into a huge building and it was fantastic.  I found the batting and the backing for the quilt that I am making.  I need to have the top put together by Wednesday so that I can take it to my sister to quilt.  She lives in Yuma and we will go through there on the way to San Diego on Wednesday.  My sister sent a picture.
                                                  Very cute, Judy! I am shooting for the same look.                                   

Since We are pretending to be on a cruise I am posting a picture of Vicki and me when we were in Seattle  We spent a week with some friends and toured the whole area.  It was most interesting as we picked the first week in August to make this trip and other than the day this picture was taken....we like to have froze to death.  I wore sheep lined slippers the whole time we were there!

We returned to Seattle on a Pacific Coastal cruise in September of 2011.  It was most interesting to walk around and we really liked seeing the Original First Starbucks.  Within 15 feet of their front window there are train tracks.  I did take a picture but it is on my other computer....oops!  I found it!    Needless to say....we did not freeze to death but we did go prepared this time!
I think it is time for me to go to the cabin and watch T.V.!

I was really fascinated with the location of this first Starbucks.  This is an active train track!                                                                                                                                                                  

Where we did not o today ....but the Amsterdam did!

 At Sea
Today was a major surprise…..  The forecast was for less than pleasant weather and it turned out to be a spectacular day.  I spent pretty much the whole day reading my Kindle…. Relaxing day!  We have one more day at sea as we sail to our next port, Albany, Australia.  It will be another first time visit  for me….  Looking forward to it.

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