Friday, February 15, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 41, Sidney, Australia

What a great day!  Today is Vicki's birthday. "Happy Birthday Vicki."  We got to coffee early so we could get the tables for the party.  There were not as many people in here today as there were yesterday.  So, here sits Vicki waiting for the party to begin.....Let the party begin!

                                 I hope they all come soon because I am really hungry!

     This is a very small chocolate cake.   We have 2 pieces of German Chocolate cake a back up in case the little cake is not enough for 6 people!  Oops! Only 4 people eating the cake.....I think we have more than enough!                                                                                

     Sally, Irwin, Sandi, Vicki, Sandi and George all enjoying the wonderful chocolate cake!                                                                                

   It  is a little dark in here.  This picture did not come out very well.  We ate all the rolls and now what?                                                                        

                         You go girl!  Ride that horse...hee haw...hee haw...he  haw haw haw!                                                              
             "Happy Birthday Vicki, it was a very nice dinner!  Thank you Josh for picking up the tab!                                                                

                         WHERE WE DID NOT GO TODAY.....but the AMSTERDAM did!


 Sydney Australia by helicopter

The highlight of my day was a huge surprise….  Corrine decided that I needed to do something new in Sydney so she surprised my with an amazing adventure…..  a helicopter tour of Sydney,  It was an incredible adventure.  What an amazing day!!!!  Not sure the last time I did a triple blog, says a lot about this amazing day.  Wow!


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