Monday, February 4, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 31sea/spa day!

Today is our sea/ spa day.  After going to coffee we headed out to start the process.  Shelley will give us a pedicure wax our eyebrows and pamper us!

  This is suppose to be really relaxing....maybe we should have a facial...a massage...or a microderm abrasion!   I think there are some other things we could a brownie, a twinkie or a hoho!  lol!
         "  Okay Shelly just go ahead and rip it all out... by the roots, of course !" lol!

                                        Be gentle Shelly!  "You know how delicate I am!" lol!
                            Blow blow blow as hard as you can...and then some....I'll take a nappy!!    lol!                                  
                                 " The color looks really good!" says Sam....good job!                                        

                                        What can I say?  "We are beautiful!"  Good job Sam!                                

                         Where we did not go today ....but the Amsterdam did!  At sea

                                                                        Well, another fantastic day….  I don’t quite know how but today felt extraordinarily hot.  You definitely needed to cool off in the pool.  Of course the ship put on an all-out effort for the Super Bowl today.  I spent most of my time outside reading but did catch the game from time to time.  It certainly was an exciting finish…..  Lucky for Baltimore that the referees blew an interference call in the end zone killing San Francisco’s chances of winning.  Oh well….  Tomorrow we arrive late in the afternoon into Auckland.  I was just here a couple of months ago but still look forward to visiting again.

                           Hopefully, tomorrow we will be in Auckland New Zealand!


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