Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 15, at sea!

Today is our first day in a new port! Here we are at a new has a nice outside area. T
The temperature is very mild, in the low 70's.  I still am not used to doing this blogging and I am missing photo opps by the dozens.  Maybe by the time we get to day 115 I will know what I am doing.

It is really too bad that we were not in this picture!  It was such a beautiful day to be outside.

I must tell you about this wonderful steel cut oatmeal that we are having at Starbucks.  It comes with fresh blueberries and we all know how good they are for you, mixed seeds and fruits and today we had raisins and brown sugar.  It was truly delicious!

I can't go in there again....I have already been in there 3 times today and if I go in there again I will have to buy a new computer!
I am also experimenting with posting from my mini which is a challenge!  I don't have access to photo stream over here so it makes it more difficult!
I had made up my mind that I would update my computer here so that if the one in SCW crashes, I will have this one to fall back on until I am ready to get a new one.  The problem is that my computers are now 6 years old.  I thought I could upgrade this one ...but no!  So I went into Apple to get a new mouse and my computer is too old for the one I, I CAN'T go in this store!

After my episode with all the bad news from the boys at the apple store, we went to a travel store where and Vicki bought a new red purse, which matches her wallet and we both got a new mini cover.  I Vicki's cover is red and I think this orange one will go fine with my pink purse.  Right?  lol!


                           We are all decked out and ready to go around the world....FOR REAL!

       We had an easy dinner tonight......soup and vegies!  We also had popcorn and candy for lunch, at the show!

                               Have a wonderful weekend everyone ....sea day again tomorrow!


                                        From Jeff's blog of World Adventures!
                                       taken from the sea day on the Amsterdam


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