Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day11,Callao Peru

Here we are ready to face the world!

We, as usual started the day at Starbucks.  Irwin came flying through the door but there was no Sandi following him!    It looks like Sandi is sick and will  not be going on her trip.  That is too bad as she was looking forward to seeing her grandchildren.  We had a nice visit with Irwin and then we were off on our next tour!

Yes, you guessed it....we are off to QT.  I would like to introduce you to Wes ...My QT boyfriend...I just told him this was our engagement picture!

                                       This is a first for me....Wes said!

Off to the next tour.....the nail shop...we will introduce you to our clinicians !

Vicki loves to have Jennifer work on her nails!

Sandi loves having Andy do her nails!



                                                 Van and her husband, Andy, own the shop!

                                       Isn't she cute?  She is so little she fits in the children's chair!

We are off again, this time to the AT&T because Vicki 's phone is burning up and her mini iPad is losing power!  I hope they can fix it right here!  No such luck...she has an appointment at the Apple Store in the morning!  Hope they can fix right there!

Hopefully our tours are over for the day....let's have lunch.  Let's have our favorite lunch!
                        Yum Yum, half of a cheese sandwich, carrots and cutie oranges!
Vicki is going to see her mother and I am  going to go to the suite and call room service!

Where we did not go today ..... the Amsterdam did!

Callao Peru

General Sam Martin
The Amsterdam slipped into the port of Callao very early this morning, well before we woke up. Way back in 1537, Callao was the main port for Spanish commerce in the Pacific. Just about everything that was produced by the countries of Bolivia, Argentina, and Peru was carried over the Andes mountains to the port in Callao to be shipped back to Spain. Callao, along with other settlements, also served as a coastal defense against pirate attacks.

Photo of the Plaza Central areaAlthough its strong relationship with the neighbouring city of Lima is undeniable, Callao boasts a number of important historical sites and an individual character all of its own. The Castillo de Real Felipe fortress (Fortaleza del Real Felipe) is one of the most eye-catching and dates back more than 250 years, being used to guard the city against possible attacking pirates. Other imposing sites include monuments to both Miguel Grau and Simon Bolivar, as well as the National University of Callao, which has served the city well since the mid-sixties. More information about 

Beachfront photoTourists wishing to learn a little more about the history of Callao and Lima will find that the city's two museums contain all kinds of information relating to the region's past. The Military Museum (Museo del Ejército) on the Plaza de la Independencia is packed with weaponry exhibits and important military memorabilia. Near to the coast and the Marina Yacht Club, the Navy Museum (Museo Naval) stands on the Avenida Jorge Chávez and celebrates the naval forces of Peru. More information about 


                                                                              See you in General San Martin Peru                    

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