Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 22, at se

I can not believe it!  It is still raining and then it is suppose to get cold.  I am so glad we were able to have the wonderful San Diego weather earlier in the week!

This morning started like any other least we are consistent if not to the point of being  boring. Off we went to Starbucks to meet my friend of 54 years, Mary Lou.  Mary Lou and I met before either of us got married....a few months before...and spent the next 11 years sharing our lives.  We spent many hours on the phone, ironing and planning meals together.  I remarried and moved away but we kept in contact and when I moved back to San Diego in 1992 we picked up where we left off.  One thing I would like to say is that neither of us ever thought we would be one of those old people!  What can I say?  Here we are...When you are young there is a tendency to believe that you will live forever with no regard for the aging process.  Boy have we been fooled!  lol!

Guess we will go home for awhile before we meet the kids for lunch.  I guess even when they are 40 you can still call them kids!

We tried to get in a little nap when we went home but that did not work  Am I surprised?  Not at all.  Soon it was time to run back down to the valley and meet the kids at True Foods.  I really thought Amy would like this restaurant as she is a vegetarian!
                         I love the outdoor patio here.  It is wonderful and they had the heaters running so it was quite pleasant.  We decided to try their root beer and it was okay!

Today I decided to try something new.  Jen ordered my favorite chopped chicken salad.  Davin and I tried the turkey burger with cubed sweet potatoes and kale salad.  It was quite good!  Vicki and Amy had Vicki's favorite spaghetti squash casarole.  It also was delicious!  Dave also had a turkey burger.  The highlight was the Cucumber Pineapple Martini that Davin ordered.  We all tasted it and it was a "WOW"!    We all loved it!  When it came time to pay the bill, Vicki picked it up and right away Jen reached over to take it from Vicki.  A struggle ensued and I knew this was going to be ugly!  Jen kept pulling and Vicki would not let go....then I saw Vicki being pulled up out of the chair by Jen!  "I surrender" Vicki shrieked and Jen smiled!  Thank you Dave and Jen for the wonderful lunch in my favorite place!        
                                   Davin, Amy, Jen and Dave
Jen, Vicki, Sandi and Dave                                           
                                                             Sandi, Davin, Amy and Vicki
Great to see all of you!  Sorry the weather was not better!  Now it is time for us old people to go home and rest.  I'll bet Vicki is worn out from her match with Jen! lol!

WHERE WE DID NOT GO TODAY.....but the AMSTERDAM did!  At sea!

                                Meet us tomorrow in Tahiti!


Well…….  Another perfect day at sea.  It is getting very hot out on the pool deck.  I spent a lot of time in the pool.  Most of the day was spent reading and visiting with friends.  One more sea day until we reach Tahiti.  The weather forecast for our three stops in French Polynesia (Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora) is still pretty sketchy.  Could be a lot of rain, wind and thunder showers… hope not.  When we reach Tahiti, the plan is to take the ferry to Moorea and spend the night there in one of those cool huts over the water.  I have taken thousands of photos of those huts and the thought of staying in one is very exciting.   I just hope the weather cooperates….  We will rejoin the ship in Moorea when it arrives the next day.  Should be fun!




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