Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 16, at sea

   Off to Starbucks for another sea day!  Today we had another one of our favorite breakfasts.  We had the green tea with a chocolate protein drink and a piece of pumpkin loaf.  This is very good and addictive too!  More bang for your buck! lol!  It did not meet all of our expectations as mine was a little dry!


While we were having breakfast we also were playing with our mini's.

After we went to Starbucks,  we headed over to Fry's to get me a keyboard.  They did not have what I was looking for.  Off to Walmart to get some odds and ends and then to Best Buy where I found what I was looking for.  Next stop Trader Joe's.

Jerry is coming to dinner tonight and we are having a very healthy dinner.  Stuffed salmon, broccoli salad and baked sweet potatoes.    Now, this is looking like a good cruising dinner and it should receive a  5 star review!  Now if I can just remember to take a picture of our dinner....

 Now, I know exactly what you are thinking...."does he wear the hat all the time?"  Well, of course, he does, after all he is our friend..  We would not have it any other way! lol!  that should explain it all!  lol!
We had a nice time visiting with Jerry and getting caught on all that is going on.
I guess I was wrong.....he doesn't always wear the hat!  lol!  We ate too many  appetizers!
Ans....I fortot to take a picture of the dinner.
                                                     It is time for us to say good-night !

Tomorrow will be very exciting...we will be in port in EASTER ISLAND, CHILI!

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