Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day 21, at sea

Here we are in Starbucks and I am trying to post with my mini iPad. So far it is working.  I will say that it is typing and giving me feed back as I type! I always have Vicki to do the corrections!  Having low vision does have its challenges!


It is raining today, a tropical light rain! I just talked to Davin and they are renting a car and driving up the coast and we are meeting them at 6:30 in the Gas Lamp District for dinner!  It is a seafood restaurant, which is appropriate since we are having a sea day!

We left Starbucks and went to Macy's were Vicki bought a couple of tops, then we went to Taco Bell for lunch and on to Target where I bought candy and ate it all before we got home!  Not good!  Now I am going to watch T.V. until I have to get ready to go out for dinner!

Time is up and it is time to go to dinner.  Davin, his wife, Amy, Dave, (Davin's best friend) and Dave's wife Jen will be there for dinner!  So off we go!  It is still raining out.  It is also dark...Vicki can't read the addresses but thank goodness the restaurant is straight down the hill!  We are on 3rd and the place we are going is on 5th, 2 miles down the street.  Still it was not easy.  Vicki does not like to drive at coming at us from all directions...lights flashing, people jumping out from in between the cars...oh me, oh my, this is not good!  Finally we arrived, gave the car to the valet and headed inside!
The restaurant was decorated in a modern tone with nice lighting.                                                                                                                           

Dave and Jen...what is good here?
                            This steak and shrimp looked good but was average...nothing special!

                                This does not look good and guess what it wasn't!  Lobster Rissoto.

This is Amy and Davin.  Davin is my son and today is his 40th birthday!  They did not like their dinner either!

Nothing like standing in the rain waiting for the's right across the street....why can't we just walk across the street???  lol!

Time for us to go home and get warm.  It was fun seeing everyone but they like to stay out a lot later than we do!

Where we did not go sea!  See you tomorrow in Papeete French Polynesia !


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