Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our 115 day World cruise, day 8, at sea!

Today is a sea day!

Vicki cruised us to starbucks as i sat in the back and enjoyed the fresh salt air blowing through my hair! Since it was only 30 degrees this morning,  this was more than a treat...slow down, slow down, slow down  I am yelling...slow down, I am freezing! lol!

We arrived safely at Starbucks but I was very make matters worse..... we could not eat as we had to go and take  some tests today!  hmmm...maybe that is why I was so grouchy and was yelling at everyone!

This is Damian...he is another special person at Starbucks!  Damian is our morning entertainment...he sings, he dances and he makes really good samples!  Sandi and Irwin were there today and we had a very nice visit.  Irwin bought coffee for 4 Air Force , young men as a thank you for serving our country!                                                                       

Off we went and had our tests....went to Wendy's for lunch, which was not good!  No sense in taking a picture when we did not like what we ate!

Of course, we stopped at you are getting into the routine!

Upon arriving  home I started making a blanket for Irwin.  I am tired of him always complaining about how cold he is, at home and at Starbucks!  So, I slaved away all afternoon and made him a blanket that he can bring to Starbucks and play like he is an Indian!  lol!

Well what do you think?

I think maybe I should save it for me!  After all I have made 18 and I still don''t have one!  Oh well, I guess he is worth it!  lol!

                                                  Guess what?   Tomorrow is another sea day!


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