Sunday, January 13, 2013

Our 115 day World Cruise, day9, at sea!

Another sea day and then tomorrow we will be visiting Peru.

Off to Starbucks for the usual morning ritual....this morning has  a new twist! Today Irwin gets his   new blanket for which I know he will be most grateful...or at least I hope he will be grateful.  We will only e able to tell by the look on his face as he is a man of few words! lol!

See I told you that he would  love it!

It is very nice here today! As I sit here it is a near 35 degrees!
We have so many tours again today evidently we do not know what is meant by a sea day!
Next tour " On THE bORDER",  this  is one of my grandson, Josh's, favorite places to eat!  Not one of my favorites!
You can tell when Nachos are cold by the way they don't shine.  

After eating these cold Nachos, I SAY.....never,never never again will I eat at that place!  If I have to go there I will have to improvise!

Finished with this tour and it is now off to the Arrowhead Mall!

Now don't think this is the end of it because it is not!  Wait until you see what I bought to go with my iPhone and my mini iPad!  yOU WILL LOVE IT!

                                        I told you just love it....don't you? I am going to be hot stuff...oh so hot...oh so stuffed! lol!

Attention....I just got orders from headquarters and I need to report for duty!

                                       See you tomorrow in Peru!  Can't wait!

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